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The development, manufacture and sales of “pret-a-porter” clothing collections.These collections are produced by the Italian fashion brand.

Warum diese Firma

The project goal is a development, manufacture and sales of “pret-a-porter” clothing collections. These collections are produced by the Italian fashion brand. The direction is Alta Moda.
The consumers are active business women.
The collections designed for ladies 30-55 years old who wear clothes size 36-48 (It).
The models of the collection fully meet the requirements of the premium segment of the market: high-quality fabrics, trim, special attention to the cut and fit.
The market is EU and USA at the first time and then Russian Federation and Asia.
The main strategic criterion is “Made in Italy”.
Creating collections in Italy is motivated by very high costumer requirements. And Italian artisans can ensure compliance of our clothes with these requirements. Also, the development of collections in Italy has the important advantage – it’s an exclusive showcase for the brand awareness.
The project received high appreciation of an Italian Consulting agency and of a Studio (Making high-quality patterns and tailoring luxe clothes). They’ve been working in Fashion Industry for 25 years. They cooperate with such brands as Krizia, Capucci, MaxMara, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana. According to the Consulting agency and the Studio our collections are commercially successful because the key line is seldom meeting and highly being appreciated combinations of refinement materials, difficulties of models and opportunity to wear the clothes every day.
Project implementation place:
European countries, USA, then Russia, Asian countries.
The Main Competitors:
Chanel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, MaxMara.


Alexander Komogortsev, 41 years, Russia (Irkutsk, Moscow)
Phone: +7 (914) 927-47-34, +7 (985) 922-75-42