Financing your company with the help of c-crowd


  • Your business is in the start up phase or rapidly developing and you want to raise money ?
    • c-crowd offers two alternatives : opening your capital (capital increase) or issuing a bond (issued by French companies exclusively).
  • You want your customers to join you and your company on your journey in order for them to become ambassadors of your brand or products ? 
    • c-crowd offers the ability to obtain additional funding by the presale of goods or services on the platform.
  • You want to raise money plus benefit from a global and digital communication campaign ? 
    • c-crowd and Raizers assist you in setting up and monitoring your fundraising (set up of the offer on the platform, development of the communication plan), but also in managing the relationship with your investors, via a post-collect interactive platform. It is a collaborative environment which allows the exchange of information and data and the sharing of the company history and through which the entrepreneur can invite investors to events.
  • You want to benefit from the experience that qualified investors have by offering them to  stand by your side as your business develops ?
    • The c-crowd and Raizers network highlights the areas of expertise of each, with a common goal: promote the exchange of expertise and support your company.


The platform is open to companies with a determined and complementary management team, belonging to all business sectors and developing :

  • An innovative offer of goods or services innovative
  • A significant competitive advantage
  • A high value-added brand

If you want to open your capital (capital increase), we require that:

  • Your company (SA/AG)  is registered and recorded
  • The proof of concept has already been made and the growth prospects are high
  • You are looking to raise an amount between CHF 50 000 and CHF 2 500 000, adapted to the needs of your business and adapted to its valuation
  • You are and remain the major shareholder after fundraising

If you want to borrow money, we ensure that:

  • You are looking to raise an amount between CHF 50 000 and CHF 2 500 000 adapted to your business needs and your equity ratio remains below 20% when taking into account this loan
  • You have no record of payment incident or major banking issue since incorporation
  • Your EBITDA is positive at the end of the last period of activity


Before the launch of the campaign, c-crowd or Raizers might collect from issuers a maximum down payment of CHF 8’000. If the operation is a success, this fixed remuneration will be deducted from the final commission, not exceeding 10% of the amount of the fund raising. If the fundraising is not finalized, only the down payment will be invoiced to the company.