General Questions

As Switzerland’s pioneering crowd-investing platform, c-crowd brings together innovative entrepreneurs and investors.

We give you the opportunity, already with modest investment amounts, to become shareholder of a startup and begin building your own portfolio of participations. c-crowd opens up the exclusive circle of people who have access to professionally prepared projects while facilitating alternative investments.

Therefore, c-crowd represents a new way of financing entrepreneurs while democratising the concept of business angels.

No. It is important to understand that c-crowd does not accept any funds from investors.

As soon as an investor announces his interest in a Crowdfunding startup, c-crowd forwards the details straight to the project initiator, who then prepares and sends the applicable documents (subscription form, shareholders’ agreement) directly to the investor. c-crowd merely acts as an intermediary that brings entrepreneurs and investors together.

The same applies to the Marketplace startups, potential investors directly negotiate and invest into the startup.

No. Although c-crowd assesses the plausibility of the submitted projects and, in the case of Crowdfunding startups, meets the respective entrepreneurs in person, c-crowd does not assume any liability for the projects. Each investor must form his own opinion of the startup and reach a decision themselves, ideally by consulting their financial advisor.

c-crowd AG, as operator of the platform, does not in any shape or form give any recommendations to invest in or purchase particpations of a startup, nor to conclude any legal transactions.

Crowdfunding startups

Crowdfunding startups are Swiss limited companies (AG / S.A.) with a capital requirement of at least CHF 50,000 for growth purposes. The funding is provided to the startup in the form of a capital increase, for which the investor will be registered as a shareholder.

  • Must be a limited company (AG / S.A.) with head office in Switzerland.
  • The purpose may not be illegal or immoral.
  • The entrepreneurs must have answered all questions contained in the c-crowd questionnaire. The entrepreneurs themselves are responsible for the answers provided – they are not cross-examined by c-crowd.
  • The entrepreneurs must provide a business plan or investor presentation (the length of which is at the companies’ own discretion) as well as a share issue prospectus pursuant to Art. 652a of the Swiss Code of Obligations (the companies themselves are responsible for the preparation and content of these documents – they will not be cross-examined by c-crowd).
  • The people who are responsible for the company must be registered in the commercial register.

After registering free of charge, the input mask on c-crowd.com will guide the entrepreneur through the entire process once he has clicked on the button “Submit project”. Submitting a project is free of charge.

  • You can gain an overview of the startups without having to register.
  • If you come across an investment opportunity on which you would like to find out more or, in particular, view the business plan and share issue prospectus, you will need to register with c-crowd first (free of charge).
  • You will then be able to assess the investment opportunity and the corresponding documents in order to gain a better idea of the venture.
  • When you have decided to invest, simply click on the “Invest” button and specify your desired investment amount. This information will then be forwarded straight to the company.
  • As soon as the startup has reached its specified funding target, the company will send you the binding subscription form directly (by email), together with the deed of accession for the shareholders’ agreement.
  • You will then need to sign and date it and return the original subscription form and deed of accession to the company by post.
  • The next step is to transfer the subscription amount directly to the company’s capital deposit account (escrow account). The company will send you the account details directly.
  • After completing the capital increase and entering it in the commercial register, you will be registered as a shareholder in the company’s share register and will receive confirmation thereof.
  • The entrepreneur is then obliged to keep you regularly informed of the business’s performance (in accordance with the shareholders’ agreement).
  • If the entrepreneur wishes, you can become actively involved in the company yourself by contributing your own expertise and network of contacts.
  • Good luck with your investment!

As an investor in a Crowdfunding startup, you should be aware that your investment constitutes a venture capital investment and, in the worst-case scenario, can result in total loss. Each investor should therefore discuss any potential investment in detail with their financial advisor.

In the case of Crowdfunding startups, companies are financed by means of a share subscription within the context of a capital increase. Here, c-crowd aims to make the business angel concept – which was previously only open to very wealthy investors – available to all people, even if they only wish to invest a small amount of capital.
Investing via c-crowd offers many advantages for investors:

  • Alternative: c-crowd offers investors access to companies with innovative business models, thereby providing an alternative to traditional investment methods with smaller investment amounts.
  • Serious projects: All Crowdfunding startups wishing to present themselves on c-crowd.com must submit clearly specified documents (business plan, share issue prospectus, etc.) that have been prepared in a serious manner. c-crowd assesses the plausibility of each Crowdfunding startup, and additional questions are clarified in personal meetings with the entrepreneurs (see admission criteria). A project will only be uploaded to the platform once the c-crowd AG Board of Directors has unanimously approved it.
  • Investment process: The investment process is structured in a sleek, simple and efficient way. On the one hand, it consists of a subscription form, and on the other hand, (usually) a shareholders’ agreement. c-crowd provides the entrepreneur with samples of these documents free of charge.
  • Investment: The investment will only become due if the specified minimum funding target being sought by the company is reached. This enables the investor to retain control of his capital until the point of the capital increase.
  • Capital increase: All of the investor funds raised from the capital increase will flow directly into the company, which means that your investment will only be used for growth/expansion purposes and will not be paid out to existing shareholders.
  • Direct access: The investor receives the capital increase documents directly and signs these together with the company. The invested funds are paid directly to a capital deposit account (escrow account).
  • Transparency: The company is obliged to provide the new shareholders with regular and transparent information about the business’s progress (in accordance with the shareholders’ agreement).
  • Board of Directors: The company is required to search and recruit an independent board member within 6 months of successfully closing the financing. The search and recruiting is handled through our partner VRmandat.com.
  • Support your company: If the company wishes, investors can contribute their own knowledge and contacts, so that, in addition to providing financial support, they also derive an emotional benefit.

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The financing of a Crowdfunding startup via c-crowd.com can usually be compared to private equity/venture capital financing. This takes place by means of a share capital increase and a share subscription by investors (equity financing). With financing via c-crowd, it is not possible for the founding shareholders to sell shares to investors. This ensures that the acquired funds are used exclusively for growth/expansion purposes.

After the entrepreneur has submitted the documents specified by c-crowd, c-crowd will then assess the plausibility of the Crowdfunding startup. And it goes without saying that c-crowd equally prioritises on getting to know the brains behind the project. In a personal meeting, c-crowd will scrutinise the Crowdfunding startup in order to ensure that the quality requirements of potential investors are met. c-crowd will then decide whether to upload the startup on its platform, depending on the unanimous approval of c-crowd AG’s Board of Directors. In the case of a positive decision, the project will be free to present itself to potential investors and start attracting finance.

The entrepreneur controls the financing. In addition to defining a minimum funding target, the entrepreneur specifies the minimum permissible investment amount for each investor. The entrepreneur thereby controls the maximum number of new investors that he wishes to attract for his company.

C-crowd offers the entrepreneur several important legal documents (e.g. share issue prospectus, subscription form and shareholders’ agreement) at no extra cost. In addition, c-crowd actively markets each individual Crowdfunding startup and the platform as a whole, which, of course, also benefits all uploaded startups. In order to promoted the offline/personal contact between entrepreneurs and investors, c-crowd also organises regular investor events.