General Questions

As Switzerland’s pioneering crowd-investing platform, c-crowd brings together innovative entrepreneurs and investors.

Together with our partner Raizers.com, We give you the opportunity, already with modest investment amounts, to become shareholder of a startup and begin building your own portfolio of participations. c-crowd opens up the exclusive circle of people who have access to professionally prepared projects while facilitating alternative investments.

Therefore, c-crowd represents a new way of financing entrepreneurs while democratising the concept of business angels.


Crowdfunding means that many investors invest smaller amounts in your company and therefore not only become shareholders but also active marketing ambassadors and supporters of your company.

As an entrepreneur you submit a pre-defined set of information and documents about your startup. c-crowd will view the submitted documents and  make an appointment with you where the plausability of your startup and submitted information are checked.

After that, we will refer you to our colleagues at Raizers.com who will perform the due diligence. Once they approve your startup, Raizers will support you during your fundraising process.

Please refer to Raizers.com in order to learn more about the process and documents to submit.

  • Questionnaire (download sample)
  • Share Issue prospectus (request sample)
  • Business plan or Investor presentation
  • Executive Summary
  • Pictures / Video Link

Please refer to Raizers.com in order to learn more about the process and costs involved.

No. It is important to understand that c-crowd does not accept any funds from investors.

No. c-crowd does not assume any liability for the projects. Each investor must form his own opinion of the startup and reach a decision themselves, ideally by consulting their financial advisor.

c-crowd AG, as operator of the platform, does not in any shape or form give any recommendations to invest in or purchase particpations of a startup, nor to conclude any legal transactions.

Crowdfunding startups

Please refer to Raizers.com in order to learn more about the exact requirements.

After registering free of charge on Raizers.com, you will be able to register your company.

You need to be a registered user on Raizers.com in order to invest.

As an investor in a Crowdfunding startup, you should be aware that your investment constitutes a venture capital investment and, in the worst-case scenario, can result in total loss. Each investor should therefore discuss any potential investment in detail with their financial advisor.

Marketplace startups

Entrepreneurs can present their companies on the c-crowd Marketplace, potential investors will directly contact the entrepreneur and negotiate a potential investment bilaterally.

c-crowd is not actively involved in this process, merely puts the platform to the disposition of the entrepreneur. When submitting a startup, the entrepreneur chooses between a listing on the Basic Marketplace or on the Premium Marketplace. Both listings are valid for the duration of 3 months and differ mainly in the way the startup is being presented.

When submitting a startup the entrepreneur decides between a Basic- or a Premium Marketplace. Both options are valid for 3 months and differ mainly in the way the startup is being presented. When choosing the Basic Marketplace, the startup is presented with text, pictures and a video link. The Premium Marketplace, in addition, offers documents for download and benefits from a prioritised listing as well as a reduction when ordering the Equidam valuation report.

A listing on the Basic Marketplace costs CHF 250.-, on the Premium Marketplace CHF 400.- for the duration of 3 months.

  • Existing company, or about to incorporate
  • National and international startups are welcome
  • The entrepreneur has a clear financing requirement and prepared relevant investor documentation
  • The startup cannot be a charity

After the free registration, the c-crowd input mask will guide me through the entire process, started after pressing the “Submit Startup” button on the landing page.

1) As a visitor to c-crowd.com, you can already get a first overview of all Marketplace startups without being registered
2) If you found a Marketplace startup you find interesting and wish to find out more about, simply register with c-crowd
3) You can now contact the entrepreneur directly and initiate the discussion about a potential investment
4) If you need any support, do not hesitate to contact us, we can assist you through our consulting services

  • Alternatives: The potential investor obtains access to interesting and innovative startups which, until now, were rarely open to public investors. Therefore, the investor gets an alternative to traditional investment opportunities offered by banks and other suppliers.
  • Serious startups: All startups which want to raise funds via c-crowd have to be investor-ready and armed with well prepared investor documentation
  • Simple investment process: The investment in a Marketplace startup goes straight into the company and not into the pockets of the founders

By constantly pushing our own PR and marketing for the platform, we increase the overall traffic which at the end is beneficial to each startup on the platform. Adding to that, c-crowd organises investor events where investors and entrepreneurs can meet face-to-face.

The entrepreneur is, of course, also required to promote his c-crowd startup profile and offer in his network of contacts. Only the dedicated marketing of the startup to a large number of people increases the probability to successfully finance the startup. It goes without saying that c-crowd is always willing to support the entrepreneur with ideas and advice.